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Issue 111

Volume 111 was issued in Spring 2019 and includes the proceedings from Chem-Ed 2017 and information on the STEM Education Policy Statement: 2017-2026. 

Issue 112

Volume 112 was issued in Autumn 2018 and includes an update of conference reports for 2018, some TEMI activities for the classroom and Thoughts on the periodic table, anticipating IYPT 2019 by Gordon Woods 

Issue 113

Volume 113 was issued in Spring 2019 and includes the proceedings from Chem-Ed Ireland 2018. It also includes some resources for teaching the periodic table and a look at how the SI units are being redefined. 

Issue 114

This issue looks at Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) of Chemistry Teachers, Students’ use of graded learning aids for inquiry learning and SubAtomic – teaching resource on misconceptions

This issue celebrates the 40th birthday of Chemistry in Action

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Issue 116

Volume 116 was issued in Autumn 2020 and includes the proceedings of ChemEd 2019. It also looks at the how science outreach has changed over the years.  

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Issue 117

Volume 117 was issued in Spring 2021. |t includes a report from the Chemistry Olympiad. It explores the conceptual change model as the learning from science research article.  

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