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Transition Year Modules -Teacher and Student Workbooks

Forensic Science

This module covers basic forensic techniques and encourages problem solving through forensic science activities. 

Forensic Science (Student)

Enviromental Science

This module explores energy, sustainability, waste and environmental issues related to acid rain and the greenhouse effect. 

Enviromental Science (Student)

Food Science

This module covers food and its properties, balanced diet, food processes and the science of cooking

Food Science (Student)

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Issues in Science

This module covers topical issues in science such as genetically modified food, stem cell research, bio-fuels and nuclear energy

Issues in Science (Student)

Science and Medicine

This module covers the importance of medicine, science & technology in medicine and antiobiotics

Science and Medicine (Student)


Science of Survival

This module covers water purification, food preparation and using science in the wild to survive 

Science of Survival (Student)

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