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Issue 101

Volume 101 was issued in Winter 2013 and explores how technology can enhance learning in the Chemistry class, an analysis of the 2013 Leaving Certificate results and enquiry based learning among other topics

Issue 102

Volume 102 was issued in Spring 2014 and includes ideas on using the mobile phone as a tool to promote active learning, environmental Chemistry ideas and an article on integrating Mathematics into Junior Cycle Science among other topics

Issue 103

Volume 103 was issued in Summer 2014 and looks at pre-services teachers ideas on Chemistry, climate change and the use of parabens as preservatives in personal care products among other topics

Issue 104

Volume 104 was issued in Winter 2014 and offers ideas for measuring the concentration of free chlorine using a smart phone, an overview of the Chain Reaction project and ideas for teaching organic Chemistry among other topics

Issue 105

Volume 105 was issued in Summer 2015 and includes articles on Flipping Classrooms, Using Stop-Motion animation in teaching Chemistry and a look at the TEMI project.

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Issue 106

Volume 106 was issued in Winter 2015 and includes resources on Climate Change, Practical work in Chemistry and a look at Micro and Macro Pedagogy in Science Education

Issue 107

Volume 107 was issued in Spring 2016 and offers ideas on a number of experiments that promote inquiry and explores the TEMI project from an Irish perspective among other topics

Issue 108

Issue 109

Volume 109 was issued in Spring 2017 and reports from PISA and TIMSS 2015, looks at using stop motion animation in teaching nomenclature in Organic Chemistry and offers authentic research opportunities from everyday life among other topics

Issue 110

Volume 110 was issued in Spring 2017 and looks at the world's largest crystal model, the brown ring test and its chemistry, Lithium batteries and a report from Science on Stage

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