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Issue 1

Volume 1 was issued in May 1980 and includes teaching strategies and definitions of Chemistry, Chemistry in Ireland, Inter-Cert Science notes and Leaving Certificate Chemistry notes on the Electrochemical Series among other topics

Issue 2

Volume 2 was issued in October 1980 and includes the chemical industry in Ireland in the 1980's, industrial Chemistry in schools and organic metals - Materials for the Future among other topics

Issue 3

Volume 3 was issued in Spring 1981 and includes Leaving Certificate Chemistry Notes '50+ Experiments for L.C.Chemistry' by A.E.Somerfield, St. Columba's College and how can we make Chemistry courses more attractive among other topics

Issue 4

Volume 3 was issued in Summer 1981 and includes proceedings fro the 25th Teacher’s Refresher Course  - The Ideal Curriculum, new ideas for laboratory teaching and the role of analytical Chemistry in industry & environment among other topics

Issue 5

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Issue 6

Issue 7

Issue 8

Issue 9

Issue 10

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