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Issue 81

Issue 82

Issue 83

Issue 84

Issue 85

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Issue 86

Issue 87

Volume 87 was issued in Spring 2009 and contains resources on resonance, teaching cognitive acceleration through Junior Certificate Chemistry and Physics and ideas on how to make Organic Chemistry easier among other topics

Issue 88

Volume 88 was issued in Summer 2009 and contains ideas on polarity and dipole moments, an article on white phosphorus, climate change and the dangers of hydrogen sulphide among other topics

Issue 89

Volume 89 was issued in Winter 2009 and looks at Irish students attitudes towards Biology and Chemistry at senior cycle, information on nanotechnology, tips for teaching elements, compounds and mixtures among other topics

Issue 90

Volume 90 was issued in Spring 2010 and includes resources for Transition Year Science in the area of Food Science and Medicines. It explores the science behind science teaching and looks at subject specific professional development. 

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