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Issue 91

Volume 91 was issued in Summer 2010 and includes ideas on teaching Transition Year Science, laboratory gas generations for Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen and Oxygen and looks at climate change

Issue 92

Volume 92 was issued in Winter 2010 and includes a report on the Mallow Schools Project, an analysis of the 2010 Leaving Certificate Results and a look at Carbon Monoxide

Issue 93

Volume 93 was issued in Spring 2011 and includes ideas on how to teach mixed ability classes, details of an intervention programme to develop thinking skills in Chemistry and ideas on the nature of science among other topics

Issue 94

Volume 94 was issued in Summer 2011 and looks at science in the primary classroom, organic oxidations with potassium permanganate and balancing redox reactions among other topics

Issue 95

Volume 95 was issued in Winter 2011 and includes ideas to include art to enhance the learning of Chemistry, the importance of scientific literacy, and technical tips for teachers from laboratory technicians among other topics

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Issue 96

Volume 96 was issued in Spring 2012 and looks at the values of demonstrations in teaching, games to consolidate learning in Chemistry and problems with Ozone among other topics

Issue 97

Volume 97 was issued in Summer 2012 and explores active learning in science, ideas for low cost techniques in the science classroom and inquiry based learning among other topics

Issue 98

Volume 98 was issued in Winter 2012 and offers ideas on how to introduce isomers at Leaving Certificate Chemistry, are article on natural and artificial sweeteners and an exploration of ‘Chemistry is all around us’ project among other topics

Issue 99

Volume 99 was issued in Spring 2013 and looks at scientific communication, assessing science inquiry and the problem of language in science among other topics

Issue 100

Volume 100 was issued in Summer 2013 and gives an update on the adjustments in the Leaving Certificate Chemistry syllabus, ideas from the science on stage conference and an article on lactic acid among other topics

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